When you get into a serious accident, getting compensation for your injuries and losses can be challenging. You’ll have to deal with a lawsuit, as well as reach out to your insurance company, both of which are already too complicated for anyone seeking justice.

Personal Injury LawyerFor this matter, you may need to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you achieve your interests in settlement negotiations with the insurance company, as well as the other party involved. Get answers to all of your queries by visiting our website at arizonapersonalinjurylawyers.com.

Before you hire a personal injury lawyer, here are five important questions that you should ask first:

What are your fees?

Many personal injury lawyers charge by the hour, which can be costly. That’s why you may want to inquire about fees and if there is a flat fee for your case type before choosing an attorney. Fortunately, personal injury lawyers also offer a contingency fee, which means that the lawyer won’t charge you for any of their services until you get the settlement you’re looking for.

Do you have experience with my kind of injury or situation?

You will need to see that the lawyer has experience in personal injury law to help you get the type of compensation you deserve. If the lawyer doesn’t have personal injury experience, they may be able to recommend someone who does or can give you some advice on where to go for help. However, if your case is very difficult and complicated, it’s best to find an attorney who has dealt with these types of cases.

If I lose, will I be responsible for all of the costs?

Some lawyers will give you a free consultation and talk to you about your situation without any obligations on your part. Others may require that you pay for the service if they can’t take your case, be it because of lack of experience or because their caseload is too full. If this were the case, make sure to ask how much the consultation fee will be.

If I hire your law firm, what is the percentage that you’ll take?

The lawyer’s cut may vary depending on how complex and long-term the case takes to settle. If it only lasts two months, they might charge a lower rate, but there will be several fees and costs to cover if there are years of litigation involved. Before you hire a personal injury lawyer, find out about fees so that you can budget accordingly.

How much time can you devote to my personal injury case?

Some personal injury lawyers will take just-in-time appointments and give you their undivided attention. Others might be too busy with work to dedicate ample time to your case, even if it’s a smaller job. Ask about how they allocate hours to get the best results.


These are just some of the questions that you need to ask your personal injury lawyer. Want your questions answered right away? Get answers to all of your queries by visiting our website at arizonapersonalinjurylawyers.com.


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