Lou Dobbs was in full propagandist mode as he ignored Trump confessing to what some say is negligent murder.

Dobbs stated, “President Trump as we speak had a terrific day. A day that any president might solely dream of. President Trump began off the day with a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. That nomination comes weeks after President Trump brokered an historic peace deal between Israel and United Arab Emirates. It’s an achievement that has eluded each president and each administration for the reason that founding of Israel in 1948, and a member of Norway’s parliament submitted the nomination and praised President for his efforts to resolve conflicts worldwide.”


A extra correct portrayal of Trump’s day was supplied by journalist Carl Bernstein who said, “And as these quotes you had been speaking about from Mattis and others, exhibit his unfitness to the president and greater than something, as an alternative of leveling with the nation, he covers up. We hearken to him cowl up this grave nationwide emergency. This is among the nice presidential felonies of all time, possibly the best presidential felony. And we now have the smoking gun tape of the president committing the felony.”

On a day when Trump confesses on tape to doubtlessly killing tens of 1000’s of Individuals by negligent murder, the Fox networks are spewing propaganda and calling this a terrific day for Trump.

Trump didn’t dealer a peace deal. Israel and the UAE weren’t at battle. This was a horrible day for Trump which will have killed his presidency as soon as and for all, however Lou Dobbs was taking part in to an viewers of 1 together with his smoke blowing and rainbows for Donald Trump.

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